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Fashion Management and PLM Platform
Solutions for the Apparel Industry

Exenta is the pioneer in global, cutting-edge, transformative ERP, PLM platform and Shop Floor Control solutions. Our fashion management software is designed specifically for the fashion, apparel, footwear, accessory and home goods industries.

We are positioned to be a single solution partner for brands and manufacturers in every stage of business maturity, supporting multiple languages and currencies. Exenta’s flexible fashion management software and PLM platform software technologies deliver 24/7 service to over 40,000 customers in 9 industries and
15 countries worldwide.

PLM Platform Automation
Equals Time Management

Engineered and developed by our team of experts in the fashion, apparel and manufacturing industries, we offer deep domain expertise in design, sales, production, sourcing, warehouse management, Shopfloor, EDI, omnichannel and finance. Our implementation support does not end when you go live. We continue to help your business grow by:

  • Sharing evolving best practices in fashion management
  • Helping your team adapt to industry changes

Implementing processes to increase accuracy and efficiency with your PLM platform

Exenta’s Fashion Management Solutions Are Flexible, Scalable

Exenta’s solutions work right out of the box and offer a myriad of configurations for multiple workflow scenarios without custom coding or creating silos that can negatively impact efficiency.

If you need a custom module or functionality that doesn’t currently exist, our object-oriented platform and engine allow us to deliver it. Best of all, customization does not isolate your system from our base code, so you’ll still benefit from our quarterly upgrades and be able to take advantage of all new features outside of your custom request.

Make Exenta Your Fashion Management Software Partner

Exenta is the premiere fashion management software provider serving the soft goods and apparel industries. As leaders in state-of-the-art PLM platform, ERP and supply chain management software, we combine intuitive technology with impeccable customer service and a drive for excellence.

Contact us to see how we can support your business, improve operations performance and unite your global supply chain.

A True Partner for Apparel And Fashion Management

At Exenta, 100% of our research and development is focused on solutions to
support fashion management and the apparel industry. We are both servants
and leaders – leading where we see opportunities to revolutionize the industry
and serving as we respond with agility to the increasingly complex and nuanced world of fashion and apparel.

Unparalleled Service and Customer Satisfaction

At Exenta we are passionate about our customers, and our goal, every day, is to ensure that our customers fully experience the impact of our robust, industry-specific solutions including:

  • ERP Software
  • The Innovation HUB
  • Cloud PLM Platform (PLM Revo)
  • EDI Supply Chain Software

Exenta takes a holistic approach with our customers; we streamline operations, increase revenue and deliver a higher level of job satisfaction and work-life balance to your entire workforce. Our approach to training and support is second to none.

Exenta is supported by a dedicated and knowledgeable staff, ensuring you have one point of contact for any fashion management issue.

Partnering with Exenta means working with a:

  • Single system to implement
  • Single database of records
  • Single user interface for user acceptance and ease of training
  • Single data point across multiple processes
  • Single vendor

Exenta ensures security, flexibility and increased control of your total cost of ownership. As an Exenta customer, you don’t have to worry about a fashion management plug-in disappearing or a shift in development that may cause a speed bump in your unique operation. Unlike the tricky challenge of trying to wrangle a third-party VAR who stands between you and the solution, you’ll only deal with Exenta, our products and our team when you have an inquiry.